Hiya, My name's KingofOrion,18, but you can call me Fran or Zack. Pansexual. I'm kind of this weird individual who likes to split her free time between sleeping and eating. Not sure if I'm considered to be nice or anything like that but if anyone wants to chat I'm here. Currently trying to start her life and find out who she is. Wants to be an animator and own a whole bunch of furry cute animals. Kind of rambling here.
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White feminists:




When you discuss the wage gap, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Only white women make $0.77 to a man’s dollar.
  • Black women make about $0.68 to a man’s dollar.
  • Latina women make about $0.58 to a man’s dollar.

Intersectionality matters.

I will keep reblogging this to point out that disabled people, including men, make 22 cents on the dollar. Mostly because it is legal to pay us below minimum wage, but whatevs.

To the WHITE man’s dollar*

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Dear dark skin girls


Never be afraid to wear all the bright colors you want. You do not have to stick to the purples, dark blues & blacks because they’re more “suitable” for your dark skin, and bright colors make your dark skin “stand out” too much.

Fuck that.

Wear the all the neons, pinks, yellows, bright red, white and anything else you want because your dark skin is beautiful and should flaunt it all you want. 

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*bully pushes you*

*you push bully back*

bully: wtf you piece of shit, that’s reverse bullying

everyone around you: yeah you cant fight hate with hate why can’t we all just be nice to each other

u know this literally happens right

in schools

for real

kids get suspended for being bullied because they fought back or were considered a distraction to the bully it’s not just a metaphor it’s literally reality